With Cloud Accounting, you can manage your business’ accounts from anywhere, anytime

At MMS, our services are not only offered to our clients with the idea of providing them with a solution to their business’ requirements, but we also strive to provide clients with a level of support that will enable their business to grow. When it comes to our accounting solutions, we are firm advocates of Cloud Accounting solutions.

We specialise in Xero Accounting which is a business accounting programme that allows business owners to manage their accounts from any device, any time, in any location. This is not only a simple accounting solution but is also allows for complete flexibility and convenience.

Where do we come in?

MMS’ accountants are Xero certified and are therefore available to remotely assist business owners with their bookkeeping and accounting requirements. Letting us take care of your accounting requirements will allow you more time to focus on developing your business.

We charge a fixed monthly fee for our accounting solutions, and clients can expect the following services from us:

  • We offer to, objectively, evaluate your business’ processes, control systems and deliverables to determine the changes required to meet IFRS requirements.
  • Full integration with the Xero Accounting software
  • Access to a dedicated accountant at MMS
  • Support with payroll and compliance requirements for new regulations
  • Complete management of your bookkeeping and tax returns
  • Support with any VAT and year-end requirements

The benefits of Cloud Accounting are endless:

Some of the benefits that you can expect when opting for a Cloud Accounting solution include:

  • One of the greatest benefits offered by Cloud Accounting is the fact that you can manage your accounts from anywhere, as long as you have an active internet connection
  • Online invoicing, which equals quicker payments
  • Better cash flow management and real time cash flow status
  • Real time bank transaction feeds
  • Bank reconciliations available in seconds
  • Available on various mobile apps to save time - Use your smartphone, tablet or laptop to access information
  • Use your phone camera to capture receipts and link them to expense reports via the integrated app (no more lost receipts)
  • Safe and secure online file storage
  • Free support from your MMS accountant – any time you require it!
  • You can expect to save time thanks to the automated processes. The days of creating, posting and chasing invoices will be over as you can utilise your Cloud Accounting software to generate invoices – and invoice reminders – on your behalf, and send it to clients for you. You also have the option to combine your software with HR and Payroll applications, which means that payslips and other official documents will also be generated automatically.
  • By making use of Cloud Accounting software like Xero, you can rest assured that your company’s data is kept safe and is always backed up
  • Cloud Accounting software has been designed to make it easy to use for all business owners, even those who may not have prior accounting experience. Help is available every step of the way, and your MMS advisor will always be ready to assist
  • The software is constantly updated and improved, without you having to do anything from your side. Therefore, if external factors such as VAT requirements, etc., change, your software will automatically be updated to incorporate these changes

From our side, we also benefit greatly by utilising the latest software in Cloud Accounting technology. This allows us to collaborate more closely with our clients, which means that we can add real value to their accounting services. Since everything happens online, our accounting services are also more accurate and efficient, and best of all, distance is no longer a problem – we can assist our clients from anywhere, as long as they are connected.

For more information, please contact our team. We look forward to hearing from you.