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The Millennial Generation, also known as The Generation Y has collected its share of criticism for an array of reasons. It’s a collective name given to individuals born between the 1980’s to the early 2000’s. While the Simon Sinek’s of this world offer controversial comments of the Millennial Generation, it is fair to say that this generation is misunderstood, especially by earlier generations. As a business owner, CEO or department manager, you will at some point in your career deal with hiring Millennials for vacancies in your organization. If you are hiring a Millennial Accountant, there’s a heap of good news in the offing, and here’s why:
  • Self-improvement is a mindset
    65% of young accountants surveyed by software provider, Karbon, indicate personal development as one of the most important factors in their current job. The Millennial Accountant is drawn to new training and learning opportunities and actively seeks feedback that will help them become better accountants. For you as the employer, it’s easier to give feedback – you are working with a team member that WANTS to progress with your business.
  • Adaptability
    Millennials have grown up in an era of technological change. Their enquiring minds and often inquisitive demeanour mean that they have an extraordinary ability to deploy technologies to work better, faster and with more accuracy. Where your business faces change, this is a generation that is geared to cope, meaning resistance to change will be less of an impediment to organizational progress.
  • Driven
    The majority of Millennials are drawn to employment opportunities offering career progression and responsibility. This is a generation that’s invested in what they do and their hunger for opportunities will prove a catalyst for moving your organization into new waters.
  • Technologically advanced
    This is the generation that grew up with smartphone technology. Millennials are not familiar with a lifestyle devoid of the Internet, social media and connectivity. Where technology is deployed in your organization, here is a generation that can drive that process for you.
  • Social media savvy
    As the comparative cost of marketing through social media channels is significantly more attractive than traditional media, here is a great opportunity for the Millennial to assist you in connecting with new customers and exploring new markets.
  • Ethical
    95% of Millennials surveyed by Karbon were excited about the promotion of ethics in business and in working for an organization that is serious about ethical practices. It is important to Millennials to be a part of the drive to positive change. Think CSI initiatives, changing habits and everything that goes with change – here is a generation that can make it happen for your organization.
  • Global mindset
    As Millennials have grown up with technology, ease of travel and the connected world, they have a superior ability to connect with the world and think in a global headspace. Seeing the “bigger picture” will be easier for you as the business owner in working with this generation.
  • A better individual package
    Thanks to how a typical Millennial has grown up, most have the ability to understand something of everything and very quickly learn to fill in the gaps. Think YouTube, Google and much more – this generation knows how to mine information. For you as the business owner, here is a problem solver that is technologically smart enough to find the answers that could be the key differentiator in your organization.

    Thanks to the Millennial Generation, gone are the days that Accountants will be “grey people”. This is a colourful generation, smart, able to think on their feet – and find the answers very quickly. As a business owner, you may need to adapt your thinking to keep up!

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