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For more information on the voluntary third provisional tax payment for the tax year ended 28 February 2014, please refer to the section below the table.

Important dates

24-10-2014 – Submission and Payment of VAT201 – Manual Registered Vendors
31-10-2014 – Submission and Payment of VAT201 – Registered VAT eFilers
31-10-2014 – Employer Interim Reconciliation ends
07-11-2014 – Submission and Payment of EMP201
21-11-2014 – End of Tax Season for Individuals
25-11-2014 – Submission and Payment of VAT201 – Manual Registered Vendors
28-11-2014 – Submission and Payment of VAT201 – Registered VAT eFilers
05-12-2014 – Submission and Payment of EMP201
30-01-2015 – Tax Season Deadline for eFiling Provisional Taxpayers
Annual Return Only for Companies and Close Corporations
Pay Annual Return fees on CIPC website and file Annual Return Within 30 days after the anniversary of the incorporation (registration) date

*             Last business day before due date

**          Only necessary to submit if taxpayer has not been assessed for income tax yet and has not paid enough tax for the tax year ended 28 February 2014

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