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Income tax season incoming! Here’s what to know about The New Service Charter:

The new service charter from The South Africa Revenue Service clarifies their commitment to taxpayers and traders regarding tax, customs and excise. With the income tax filing season approaching, this charter has also reiterated the rights and obligations of all taxpayers and traders as of 1 April 2022.

This charter’s strategic intent is to develop a tax system based on voluntary compliance whilst maintaining SARS’s goal to maintain exceptional service delivery. The new service charter also aims to resolve various issues raised by the Office of Tax Ombud.

The Labour Court clarified in this case that the act of resignation is unilateral and voluntary – the impact of resignation is to terminate the employment relationship.

What is different?

The changes in the service charter align with the new organisational language and several strategic objectives, which SARS will strive to achieve and maintain. This includes:

  • New metrics for the system’s value chain.
  • Increased digital functionalities and virtual engagement options.
  • Integrating transactional work to service-level commitments.
  • Improving taxpayer communication.
  • Consolidating taxpayer rights and obligations.
  • A refined resolution process for service delivery failures.

To meet these objectives Edward Kieswetter, SARS Commissioner, has highlighted that new capabilities have been implemented to automatically assess individual taxpayers to reduce the need for onsite visits. Standard income earning taxpayers can now view and edit assessments and submit returns using the eFiling platform.

Although public confidence is still not where they would like it to be, SARS is working hard to improve its trust and credibility. As a result, they hope to sustain high voluntary compliance. They have also noted that future implementations and interactions will not unduly inconvenience law-abiding citizens.

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