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Beware: SARS Scam Alert!

SARS has recently released a statement cautioning taxpayers against emails from unknown senders that attempt to impersonate SARS. These fraudulent emails include a link to what appears to be an official “court order”.

SARS is a popular target for scammers, since the very use of its name imparts authority, with scammers falsely claiming to be representatives of SARS. The revenue service has recorded 323 new types of scams over the years, most of which involve criminals impersonating SARS to create a false sense of trust. In order to combat these scams, the tax authority has created a section on its website where regular updates and developments are shared regarding new scams that use their name to commit deception and fraud.

More About The Court Order Scam

SARS has acknowledged the “court order” scam that has recently been making its rounds targeting individuals, with emails made to look like they are from SARS. These emails aim to trick individuals who pay income tax into giving away personal information.

Similar scams have been identified using and, which falsely advise taxpayers that they are eligible for tax refunds.

Taxpayers should keep the following in mind to avoid falling prey to these scams:

  • Do not respond to emails from unknown sources.
  • Be wary of emails asking for personal, tax, banking or eFiling information.
  • Be wary of false SMSs.
  • Remember that SARS does not share *.htm or *.html attachments.
  • Remember that SARS will never ask for your credit card details.
SARS has stated that they will never request your banking details in communication received by post, email, or SMS. Furthermore, SARS will only ever verify your personal details for the purpose of telephonic engagement and authentication. Lastly, SARS will never send you any links to external websites.
The tax professionals at MMS Group are familiar with SARS administration processes and can successfully assist with your tax compliance. For expert advice on your income tax matters, feel free to contact our team.

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