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At MMS Group we have developed our professional practice to act as a proactive and innovative partner for our clients. With a strong team of consultants, auditors, accountants and tax advisors, we can conduct various services such as financial reporting and financial accounting promptly and professionally. MMS has the propriety knowledge to design and deliver highly tailored solutions that help our clients meet their financial, operational and strategic goals and objectives.

With 7 divisions operating as individual entities, we are perfectly positioned to deliver a “one stop” service in order to offer our client base complete value for money and the peace of mind that all their business needs are taken care of by a team who is dedicated to their requirements. From us, clients can expect professional financial reporting, taxation consultations, and more.

Our Services include:

With a team of qualified and experienced individuals on our side, MMS can provide each of the following services in an effective and trustworthy manner:


As part of our auditing services, MMS strives to not only audit your business’ trading history, but also to provide you with valuable information on changes that can be implemented for business improvement and efficiencies. When auditing a company, we practice strict adherence to professional standards, laws and regulations, allowing us to perform each audit successfully and with due independence.

Financial Accounting & Cloud Accounting

Managing your business’ accounts correctly is vital to its success, and many business owners struggle to do this themselves. MMS offers outsourced professional financial accounting solutions. We are specialists in Xero Cloud Accounting.


By utilising the best and most reliable payroll software available today, MMS provides total payroll solutions that are both accurate and reliable.


With the vast amount of regulations and requirements that businesses need to meet, many company owners rely on an outsourced service provider for various needs. MMS offers various consulting services, which include financial reporting and analysis, to help protect and enhance the value of our clients’ businesses.


Due to the rising demand for reliable services in accounting and taxation of local trusts, MMS’ trust services department was established in 2008. In this division, we offer a range of services to assist our clients with their long term financial and tax planning requirements.


Our tax division exists to assist clients with tax laws, regulations, rulings, and deadlines. By assuring the compliance of our clients, they are in turn encouraged to focus their energies on growing their businesses.


As part of our professional secretarial services, we can assist clients with administrative tasks that are important in any company. Some services include company registrations, trademark registrations, CIPC, changes in statutory information, and more.

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