Valuable insights at the Alliott Africa Conference 2018

MMS Group’s directors recently attended the Alliott Africa Conference at Emperors Palace. The Alliott Group, with whom we proudly associate, is an International Alliance of Accounting and Law Firms. The Group currently comprises 152 companies across 160 cities in 63 countries worldwide. We are proud to be the only representative in South Africa.

The conference was attended by representatives from Cameroon, Mauritius, Ghana, Zambia, Tunisia, Mozambique and South Africa, and was facilitated by James Hickey, the Group’s CEO. The theme was “Futureproof Your Firm”, and provided our team with valuable insights into marketing, talent management, technology and group networking.

We were also treated to a session by Dion Chang from Flux Trends. Our session included trending international technological developments that will profoundly change the way that we conduct business on the global stage.

How does this affect you?

With the valuable insights gained and connections made, we can refer our clients to trusted offshore advisors within our trusted network, to assist with legal, accounting or taxation related matters in a foreign entity.


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