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For more than 25 years, MMS has provided high quality accounting, tax and management services to a diverse and successful client base. As an innovative and professional accounting, consulting and audit firm, MMS serves as a valued advisor to thousands of clients by providing guidance on important operational and financial matters that advance their business goals. With offices located both in Gauteng and the Western Cape, we are positioned to service a diverse range of clients across South Africa.

As a growing accounting and audit firm, MMS is uniquely positioned to impart quality, cost-effective and practical advice to clients that include national corporations, private businesses, nonprofits, emerging or start-up firms, and successful individuals.

Why we are an audit firm of choice

As an entrepreneurial audit firm of commercially minded professionals, we understand the importance of reliable financial information to ground any business decisions. Our audit services are designed to ensure that your business’ financial information can be relied upon by investors, creditors and the like.

Our audit procedures, processes and methods are designed to develop audit evidence to enable us, as your audit firm, to express an opinion on your financial records. Each audit is planned in advance once we have established our audit objective, audit scope, audit approach and risks. Our procedures are designed according to a risk-based model, and ensure that we develop audit evidence that supports the opinion that we ultimately express.

Our procedures include analytical review, inquiry, observation, inspection and recalculation.

Our clients include listed companies, as well as local and international clients in the manufacturing, construction, retail and financial services sectors, individuals, trusts, Government institutions, entrepreneurs, and many more.

MMS’ audit engagement partners are registered as Chartered Accountants (SA) with SAICA and as Registered Auditors with IRBA, the statutory body charged with protection of public interests by ensuring that only suitably qualified individuals are admitted to the audit profession and further that auditors registered by this body deliver quality services and adhere to their ethical standards.

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Our Services

As an established and respected accounting and audit firm, MMS offers the following services to small to medium sized enterprises nationwide:

Our Team of Specialists

Our company’s success is largely owed to our qualified and dedicated team. Consisting of skilled and experienced accountants, tax consultants, payroll specialists, and more, our team is able to offer a range of professional services to help companies manage their business and reach their financial obligations and objectives.

Meet our team members in Johannesburg and Cape Town:

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