Tax consultant services for SMMEs

Tax is an unavoidable part of every business, and ensuring that you stay compliant with tax regulations and standards will save both time and money. Relying on professional tax consultant services offers many benefits and will ensure that your business remains compliant. Whether you are an individual or a company, your tax liability is dependent on various factors.

South African companies that are expected to pay corporate tax include:

  • Public companies – listed and unlisted
  • Private companies
  • Close corporations
  • Co-operatives
  • Collective investment schemes
  • Small business corporations
  • Share block companies
  • Body corporates
  • Public benefit companies
  • Dormant companies
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If you fall into one of the listed categories, it is advised to seek professional assistance to better understand and meet your tax obligations. MMS Group has a team of skilled tax consultants available to assist your personal or business tax requirements to help you make sense of the rules, laws, and regulations and to ensure that you stay compliant. Each of our tax consultants brings various accolades to the table, including accredited financial and tax-related qualifications and years of experience working on tax matters in various industries.

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    Tax consultant role explained

    A tax consultant, also known as a tax advisor, is an expert in tax law, preparation and compliance matters. At MMS Group, professional tax services are part of our service offering, and we assist both individuals and businesses in meeting their tax obligations according to relevant regulations.

    As your dedicated partner in tax, you can count on us to assist with the following:
    • Tax strategy, planning & advice
    • Annual tax returns for businesses
    • Tax incentives & allowances for SMEs
    • Capital Gains Tax
    • Tax matters relating to Trusts
    • Personal tax returns
    • Dividend Tax
    • VAT returns
    • Tax Compromise Applications
    • PAYE returns
    • Salaries & tax optimisation

    As your dedicated personal and business tax partner, you can rely on our team to assist with comprehensive tax services and solutions.

    Why choose MMS for your tax consultant?

    Our approach to tax consultation is personalised. Whether assisting individuals, businesses, estates, or trusts, we pay attention to every detail during planning and preparation to ensure that we provide the best possible tax solutions.

    Our tax division specialises in the following services:


    We complete income tax returns (both individual and corporate requirements) and offer professional advice on the various implications of tax legislation.


    We can communicate with the South African Revenue Service (SARS) on our client’s behalf.


    We provide guidance and advice on all taxation matters, including income tax, company tax, stamp duty, estate duty, VAT registration, donations tax and PAYE/SDL/UIF.


    We offer assistance with tax requirements concerning Estates and Trusts.


    We share relevant advice on capital gains tax and dividends withholding tax.

    Our team adapts our tax consultant services and solutions to suit the specific tax requirements of your business and industry whilst sustaining precision and dedication. You can expect the following advantages when relying on our tax team:


    On-time tax preparation and compliance

    We oversee your personal and business tax matters timeously and provide complete peace of mind regarding the accuracy of tax filings and returns.


    Updated on tax legislation

    Our tax consultants stay updated on the latest tax regulations and legislation changes. As a result, our clients enjoy the guarantee that their tax services are conducted in line with the latest regulations.


    Professional representation

    MMS Group not only acts as your tax partner but also as your tax representative. We move to resolve tax notices, address tax audits and appeal positions with tax authorities on your behalf.


    Rulings prior to financial transactions

    Our team can prepare documents and negotiate with SARS to facilitate certain decisions before financial transactions occur.

    Be it your personal or business tax requirements, MMS Group is experienced in managing any situation with ease. If you would like to find out more about our tax consultant services, please feel free to get in touch to discuss your exact requirements.

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