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Preparing For Success

Securing a business loan can be challenging, especially if you are unaware of the requirements. Several factors determine the type of business loan you can get and whether your application will be successful. By being proactive with modern accounting services and meeting the requirements, you can increase your chances of obtaining financing when you need it.

Evaluating Financial Fitness

It is crucial to ensure that your financial information is up-to-date and readily available. Before taking on debt, it is important to assess your business’s financial fitness by evaluating future financial needs, cash flow requirements, and unforeseen expenses. It is also vital to assess the debt’s potential impact on your business by evaluating your capital and debt requirements compared to your growth and budget forecast. Ultimately, selecting a financing option that your business can afford in the long run is necessary.

Aligning Your Documents

Maintaining accurate and up-to-date records is necessary for businesses seeking funding. By consistently maintaining accurate records, entrepreneurs can track their financial health, identify potential areas that may require additional support, and effectively communicate their company’s financial position to lenders. This, in turn, allows lenders to make informed decisions based on a company’s financial history, such as whether a business can handle additional debt and repayments or if the company is in financial trouble, which would impair loan repayment.

Moreover, accurate financial records can make the loan application process easier. It eliminates the need for last-minute scrambling to gather the necessary paperwork, reduces the chances of errors, and optimises the time it takes to submit a loan application. Having comprehensive records can set a positive tone with potential lenders, indicating that borrowers have the required diligence and organisation to manage a business.

Standard Requirements for Business Loan Applications
  • Business Revenue: A minimum annual business revenue of R200,000 is required for most business loans, but this amount can vary and increase to R500,000 or even R1 million. The chances of loan approval increase with stronger business financials, such as higher annual revenue and profits.
  • Trading History: Lenders set a timeframe for how long a business must be in operation to qualify for a loan. The duration varies by lender and can last for six months, a year, or up to two years.
  • Collateral: Lenders often require collateral to secure business loans. Collateral is an asset, usually property or other high-value items, that secures the loan in the event of default.
Secure Your Business Loan

SMEs are the lifeblood of our South African economy, yet many struggle to secure the funding they need to survive. One of the primary reasons for this is sub-standard annual financial statements, either poorly prepared or absent. This prevents businesses from securing financing and makes it difficult for them to attract investment and grow.

With professional accounting services that empower businesses, MMS Group strives to assist our clients in thriving and contributing to a stronger, more vibrant economy. For assistance with your business’s accounting needs, please contact our team.