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Reading Time: 2 minutes
Reading Time: 2 minutes
For many career-driven women, balancing being a mother and having a career is filled with challenges. While the nurturing mother in every woman yearns to be with her children as much as possible, her career persona is at times ill satisfied with the outcomes of her day.
a Woman and Mother in Business
For the woman striving to be successful in both, it’s all about balance. Here are some helpful hints to achieve this balance:
  • Planning is key – schedule your day and be intentional with your time.
  • Focus on one task at a time – do it well and complete it before you move onto the next.
  • Let your long-term aspirations guide how you act now. Your actions now will bring you closer to the life you aspire to.
  • Choose your mentors wisely, learn from that which they have done well and equally from their mistakes.
  • It’s okay to not be perfect 100% of the time.
  • Build your network – it’s who you know that will underscore your future successes. Leverage that network and stay connected with your contacts.
  • It’s okay to not have all the answers in your relationships. Vulnerability is not a weakness and will encourage those around you to be more supportive and encouraging.
  • Be intentional about managing your guilt emotions. You cannot be in two places at once and cannot feel guilty about being at home instead of at the office, or vice versa.
  • Live a healthy life and create time for your wellbeing. It will help you to deal with the curved balls that find their way to you and you will set a great example for your children.
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