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Reading Time: 3 minutes
Secretarial services are often seen as minor, but its importance should not be overlooked. As part of our extensive service range at MMS Group, we offer a selection of secretarial services that are designed to help your company stay compliant and meet all business administration requirements.
Our range of secretarial services at MMS Group includes all the services a company may require to manage administrative burdens. A company’s failure to comply to statutory requirements and deadlines can hold serious consequences and may lead to harsh administrative penalties that can hamper your business’ success.

We take pride in providing professional yet personalised services and strive to provide our clients with efficient, all-inclusive services at market-related fees.

The secretarial services offered by our competent and experienced team, includes:

  • Annual Returns – All companies (including external companies) and close corporations are required by law to lodge their Annual Returns with CIPC within a certain period of time every year. An Annual Return is a statutory return in terms of the Companies and Close Corporations Acts and therefore MUST be complied with. Failure to do so could result in the deregistration of the entity in question, which in turn has financial consequences, including asset forfeiture to the State.
  • iXBRL – With effect 1 July 2018, Annual Returns cannot be filed without the iXBRL version of the last available Annual Financial Statements for those entities meeting the criteria for mandatory iXBRL compliance. The implications of failing to lodge an Annual Return have serious consequences, including the potential deregistration of the company. If your company does not possess the necessary software to convert and tag your Annual Financial Statements (“AFS”) into iXBRL format for filing to CIPC, CorpStat provides this service and can assist with the conversion and tagging thereof.
  • Company Registration – In terms of the Companies Act, 2008, a company may be registered with or without a company name. When a company is registered without a reserved name, its registration number automatically becomes the company name. This is the quickest way to register a company.
  • Appointment, resignation or removal of directors – The memorandum of incorporation (MOI) determines the minimum number of directors and alternate directors, which, in the case of a private company may not be less than one director. A customised MOI will also set out the eligibility requirements for a director as well as the directors’ term of office.  In the case of a standard MOI, the term of office is indefinite and there is no restriction on the number of directors. New directors may be elected by the Board of Directors when there is a vacancy, or the company wishes to add directors.
  • Maintaining your Close Corporation – this service option includes all compliance obligations required to maintain a Close Corporation (CC), such as: filing of annual returns, appointment of accounting officers, changes to management in the founding statement, etc.
  • Maintaining your Company – we also offer all services required to manage a company, including management of company records and accounting records, appointment of auditors and rotation, informing CIPC of necessary changes, etc.

Besides the extensive list of Secretarial Services, we also offer document storage solutions. We offer to safely store and manage valuable documentation on your company’s behalf. We charge a nominal fee for this service, and further costs are levied if clients require any copies of their documents. We also have other divisions in our company to assist with the preparation of AFS.