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Trustworthy auditing services are vital in the South African economy. As auditors, we are responsible for providing transparent, accurate and informative financial information about our clients’ companies. This financial information allows investors and other interested parties to make informed decisions about investing capital in a company. Auditing services similarly ensure that companies are adhering to tax legislation. This stands to reason that only reliable and professional firms should be trusted with your auditing needs. MMS strives to help clients meet their financing and growth objectives through the application of our auditing services.
We have most certainly earned our stripes as a professional auditing firm through employing a high calibre of experts in their field. Additionally, we employ an industry-specific, risk-based approach to our auditing offering. Proper planning, testing and accurate reporting, all with a strong emphasis on risk assessment, define our audit philosophy and have made us a leading audit firm within South Africa.
MMS Auditing Division
Why choose us for your auditing needs?
  • Our employees are professionally trained and qualified.
  • Entrepreneurial edge.
  • We specialise in more than auditing, offering a complete financial reporting spectrum of services.
  • We have a solid reputation due to more than 25 years in the industry.
  • We provide the ideal partnership as we are driven by integrity, dedication, objectivity, independence, and public trust.
  • Solution-based approach. We aim to provide our clients with the best solutions suited to their unique requirements to ensure the best customer service possible.
  • Hands-on, year-round contact with our clients, who benefit from our commitment to service continuity and the utilisation of our most experienced professionals during their audits.
  • Consistent ability to meet stated deadlines and commitments with no unwelcome surprises to our clients.
  • We assist our clients in presenting their financial statements in the most informative and accurate manner possible.
  • The use of technology, including data extraction software and electronic work papers, adds to our efficiency and the ability to tailor our audit plan to each client’s operational structure.
We believe in our team of experts and our pledge of:
“We don’t just audit your past – We strengthen your future!”

As a full-service business advisor to our clients, we offer a wide spectrum of related services to help with our clients’ regulatory or contractual compliance, operational efficiency, and profit maximization. In addition to auditing and assurance services, we offer: Reporting and compliance; Agree-upon procedures; Reports on internal controls; Attestation services; Process and procedure reviews; Performance measurement and benchmarking; Assurance of regulatory requirement compliance; Standards implementation assistance; and Audit partner rotation.

Get in touch with our team for professional auditing services tailor-made to your business needs by calling 011 672 0020, emailing or Get a Quote online.

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