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The Pursuit of Non-compliant Taxpayers Intensifies

Mounting economic pressures have impelled the South African Revenue Service (SARS) to intensify efforts to apprehend and prosecute taxpayers who fail to report their income tax accurately. As SARS intensifies its examination of non-compliance, repercussions will follow, regardless of whether the actions were deliberate or unintentional.

SARS Sharpens Its Claws

SARS has long been known to have access to third-party data from banks, financial institutions, real estate agencies, car dealerships, and more. This empowers them to detect individuals inaccurately declaring their earnings. Despite the warnings, many South Africans have failed to take their tax obligations seriously, inaccurately declaring their earnings. This complacency may stem from SARS’ perceived reluctance to enforce its authority. However, taxpayers should beware as this is changing with SARS and Hawks teaming up for the hunt.

Bracing for SARS’ Knock on Your Door?

As SARS intensifies its crackdown on non-compliance, any form of incorrect, false, or under-declaration could lead to severe consequences under tax law. While taxpayers may have previously rested easy, assuming the worst outcome would be minor penalties and interest, Hawks and SARS’s newly implemented prosecution strategy is a game-changer.

The Voluntary Disclosure Programme (VDP) provides a lifeline for taxpayers with undisclosed tax defaults who willingly reveal these to SARS. This programme accommodates the disclosure of income that has been underreported or any understated tax liabilities. Obtaining a VDP that SARS accepts, safeguards you as the taxpayer from criminal prosecution. However, there are still legislative prerequisites when applying for relief under the VDP. For example, applicants must be registered taxpayers with SARS and be up to date with their tax filing obligations.

Taxpayers should always ensure accurate income declaration and maintain requisite documentation to meet the burden of proof. Those who may have underdeclared or misrepresented their income should realise that it’s a matter of “when”, not “if” SARS will collect what is due. The VDP process provides an efficient strategy to regularise your taxes and avoid potential criminal prosecution. However, taxpayers must initiate this process proactively, as VDP is not legally permissible once SARS has commenced investigations.

Partnering with MMS Group Tax Professionals

Approaching a seasoned income tax consultant for a VDP application will provide you with the benefit of professional legal guidance. The experienced tax consultants at MMS Group can equip you with the resources to negotiate and navigate the SARS engagement effectively, significantly enhancing your chances of a favourable outcome.

Should you require assistance managing your tax compliance, reach out to the professionals at MMS Group.

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