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Reading Time: 2 minutes
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Social media may sound frivolous to a professional businessperson, but the marketing potential of social media platforms is unrivalled in today’s digitally driven world. The number of Facebook users globally is predicted to reach 1.69 billion this year. Let that sink in for a moment.

Now, are you convinced Facebook is worth your time and money? Indeed, it is. Remaining inactive in the realm of social media is a poor marketing strategy. The marketing power of a well-managed Facebook Business Page is currently unmatched on digital platforms, which is why Facebook posts and ads should form part of any marketing strategy.

Succeeding in a small business
Here are a few pointers to help you succeed in your marketing efforts on Facebook:
  1. Before you start posting, boosting and running ads on your page, consider compiling a strategy which addresses what you want to achieve and how to achieve it.
  2. Prepare monthly content plans and set aside a budget for Facebook marketing.
  3. Find your competitors on Facebook to determine what content works and what your target audience wants more of.
  4. Curate interesting and relevant content.
  5. Don’t ignore the comments – engaging with your audience is what will make or break your brand. Always acknowledge comments and messages on your page.
  6. Build your brand by completing all the information needed by Facebook so customers can find you easily. Make your page the ‘face’ of your brand.
  7. Join relevant Groups that will benefit from your services or products and market to these pages at least monthly.
  8. Never spam a group or your audience. Daily posts are acceptable, providing there is a need for it.
  9. Keep it professional. High resolution images, profile pictures and cover photos go a long way in establishing your brand.
  10. Posts should preferably be accompanied by photos or videos (long-winded posts are often ignored).
  11. Establish when the best time of the day and week is to post your content.
  12. Boost posts or set up ad campaigns, over time you will know which content is more successful and then run more of the same type.
  13. Hire a social media marketing agency if you don’t have time to dedicate to your Facebook efforts.
Growing your brand awareness on Facebook is easy with all the tools provided by Facebook to do so. And the best is – it’s for free. Besides your ad spending budget, managing a business page on Facebook is absolutely free. Your customers are on social media looking for a business like yours, ensure you are there too.

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