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Accountants should be doing much more than just crunching numbers: they should be offering insights in all types of business-critical areas, from calculating cash flow to generating management reports or advising on innovative business solutions. This is why we are a firm with a passion for innovative accounting solutions and a certified Xero advisor and Gold Partner.
Xero has recognised the need to update their software to assist businesses and firms that now operate from home and has introduced two new Expenses Features to save you and your team time and money!
The ability to automate processes such as calculating travel mileage or tracking employee’s expenses with company funds is both a time and money saver! PLUS Xero is built for Android and iOS!
New Time-Saving Features
Let us take a look at Xero Expenses two new features in more detail
Expense management just became easier with Xero Expenses.
  • Mileage in Xero Expenses
    The days of employees logging their kilometres travelled in logbooks or photos are now over. Thanks to the new mileage tracking feature in Xero Expenses, employees simply enter their start and end addresses in the new calculator which automatically populates the distance travelled. This feature then generates a map that is submitted as part of the employee’s expense. This feature reduces errors, provides accurate mileage claims and provides automatic evidence of each employee trip recorded. Now you can reimburse your employees faster, without any doubt about logs.
  • Expenses Paid
    Employees who submit expenses for approval can be a time-consuming activity for both the employee and the accountant. Time spend on identifying which expenses should be reimbursed or only reconciled is now quicker with the Xero Expenses feature! Track and approve expenses paid by employees with a company card or petty cash with this new feature. Employees can choose between using company or personal funds when submitting a claim with their receipt, which the admin team can then quickly identify for reimbursement, in just a few clicks. Find out how you can gain access to a dedicated MMS Group accountant, responsible for your accounting, bookkeeping, tax, and payroll needs. We would love to speak with you and show you how easy it is to enjoy all the benefits of cloud accounting

Get started with Xero Expenses and streamline your processes and time with automated accounting. Get in touch with our team for professional auditing services tailor-made to your business needs. For the best in Cloud Accounting Services, reach us by emailing or through or call 011 831 2326.

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